Thirsting For Peace

Do you know who will change the world? Do you know who will help make strides toward the change she wants to see in the world?

The homeless woman at the Aug. 10 rally who had two causes — one supported by each side. I watched her talk calmly for a very long time to one of the young men in a red hat; he nodded in agreement to whatever it was she was saying.

Then I watched her hand a bottle of water to her friend who was on the “other side,” and then offer one to the “red hat” man’s friend. He declined, indicating the people on the “other side” needed it more than him.

I wonder how much would have actually been accomplished, communicated, changed if everyone had spoken gently and offered water to one another. I don’t have to wonder how little got accomplished under the constant torrent of hate-filled language, chanting and gestures.  

Sue D. Nim 


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