Bird Droppings

A group of crows gathered at the parking lot on Olive Street. “We are here to call attention to not having our city hall,” organizer Black Bomber said.

The flock waved their wings and shouted slogans like, “We need a beautiful city hall!”

Another protester declined to give her name, citing molting problems, but explained that Lane County is facing ridicule from every city in Oregon due to clueless government officials inaction.

“Clueless inaction must be stopped!” Black Bomber shouts as cars honk on 8th Street.

When the government workers were asked about the lack of a city hall, they responded: “Money, money, money can solve everything or nothing because that is how government works.”

The protest ended with the flock of crows dropping their opinions on the heads of the government workers and then flying over the river to Springfield.

Annie Kayner


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