Easy Condemnation

Not long ago the Proud Boys moved on Portland with messaging from the president condemning those that would fight for minorities rather than against them. While the administration has called for many disgusting and evil acts, this involves Oregon, and their mayor managed to tell Trump to back off in no uncertain terms.

Why is it then that three city councilors could not summon the courage to condemn white supremacy in Eugene? When one does not condemn the language, they are giving permission for that behavior to continue. It disgusts me that these three leaders could not stand up for their POC constituents (See EW Blog, 7/23-24).

I was proud to send a letter from the Democratic Party that expressed disappointment with the councilors who voted against this and I have one question for them: How hard is it to condemn a hate practice that leads to the deaths of multiple POC each year? Because I find saying, “White supremacy is unwelcome in Eugene, Oregon” to be extremely easy.

Nicole Leseney