False Narrative

If we value honesty, there is no room for Chris Wig’s false narrative about Emily Semple and Betty Taylor. Of all the councilors that one might be tempted to criticize, Wig made a shocking choice when he aimed his contrived anger at Semple and Taylor.

Besides being open-minded and consistent supporters of human rights, they are both great councilors to work with. They are both extremely approachable and willing to engage in conversation on a wide range of topics. Both are good listeners and at the same time willing to question and challenge a point of view in order to better understand the constituent’s position. They do their homework!

This degree of thoughtfulness is exactly what we need and want in our elected officials. The integrity that they display is in stark contrast to the statements Wig tossed out in an attempt to stir up readers. He revealed himself to be pushing a narrow agenda that somehow was dependent on a blatantly dishonest story.  

Carolyn Jacobs


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