Protecting Home

While traversing the trail in Tamolitch Falls in Oregon, I stare in awe at the diverse wildlife around me. While exploring these great spaces, I find myself closer to nature. Enjoying the spot I rest on, I wonder how long a place like this will be preserved for the public. Realizing basic hand tools are used to keep the trail clear without the use of herbicides or sprays, without alternating plants or tainting the hue blue waterway flowing downstream. 

Oregon is notable for its trees and wildlife, allowing for many to venture and tour its great outdoors. Although spanning for miles, much of the land is sensitive to herbicides containing glyphosate, especially by Roundup, the widely used product made by Monsanto. Roundup has imposed upon the recurring cycle of this state’s natural growth. 

For decades, the herbicide Roundup has part of been part of a vast agricultural system allowing farmers and growers to reduce effort in labor and time. Although the use for the product is not necessary, Roundup is used by consumers who are uninformed about Glyphosate and the risks of using the product.

Although Monsanto may have grossed billions, we know they will keep finding ways to keep their product on the market. 

Until then, we should work with legislators to ban the use of this product in the state to protect our health, and the environment in which we inhabit and call home.

Carlos Lopez Toscano