Rules of the Road

My niece and her husband were in a car accident that took Guy’s life and left Anna severely injured. Returning from the coast, another car rounded a sharp curve at high speed, lost control and crashed into them. Months are needed for her body to recuperate, longer to heal the emotional trauma. 

Approaching Portland to visit Anna at OHSU, the traffic got congested with many reckless drivers. Drivers made quick lane changes, darting between cars to inch ahead. Drivers followed too closely, barely leaving one car length between them and the car ahead, insuring a crash if the front car suddenly brakes.

We’re reminded not to drive while drunk, tired or texting, but it’s imperative to simply be a good driver, a careful driver and a driver who obeys the rules of the road. The limit for trucks is 55 mph, but trucks whiz past me when I go 60-65 mph. Areas on I-5 have signs warning us to slow to 45 mph for a curve, but drivers ignore warnings, endangering us all. 

When you’re behind the wheel, take a deep breath, remember how precious life is and follow the frickin’ rules of the road! 

Barbara Edmonds


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