Race For Extinction

Currently, the U.S. Forest Service is proposing to gut key provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act to dramatically increase logging, mining and fossil fuel drilling on 190 million acres of our national forests.

Simultaneously, the Trump administration just appointed an anti-public-lands zealot to pillage 250 million acres of Bureau of Land Management lands.

This signifies the corporate elite’s last great pillaging of our life-sustaining biosphere to support their religion of endless growth and psychopathic selfishness.

Based on super computers filled with ecological and climate science as well as consensus of the greatest minds across the globe, the human specie is speeding towards extinction. From this realization, I see two distinct sides. One side is knowingly working for human extinction and the other is working against it. In the big picture, it would seem preventing one’s own extinction as well as countless other species that sustain the biosphere would be paramount in importance.

If the Forest Service, BLM, other federal and state agencies, media, political parties and their employees continue to “go along to get along” and work for human extinction, they are the people’s mortal enemy. It’s long past time to choose life over extinction. It’s either non-violence or non-existence.

Shannon Wilson