Deport Trump

Donald Trump’s now infamous “Go Back Home!” racist rally took place in Greenville, North Carolina.

I lived in Greenville for five years. Not everyone shares the president’s views, though just west of Greenville (and east of Raleigh) is Wilson, North Carolina.

Wilson was known in the 19th century as “the world’s greatest tobacco market,” all driven by slave labor.

Affluent parks on beautiful Main Street, and poverty still clings to survival on the outskirts.

“Shotgun shacks” could be cleared with one blast through a front door… Welcome home, Mr. Union Organizer.

 The “top down” message and language has always been clear… especially today, from the KKK and Trump.

Trump is personally responsible for the safety of the congresswomen he has threatened. Since he can’t shape up, he is actually the one who needs to “ship out.”

Glenn Jones