Don’t Stop

The urgency expressed by both Ericka Thessen and Martha Dragovich is real (Letters, 9/5), prompted by the catastrophes of a homeless woman’s death and the reality of climate change. We can do something about these challenges that face us.

Speaking up to those who represent us can make a difference, as can the act of showing up for the global climate strike, or attending and speaking up at city council meetings. There is bipartisan legislation to increase affordable housing, to expand the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, and various plans to deal with climate change.

What is lacking is the political will, which is where our calls and letters come in, calling for action. By joining our voices with others, we make it good politics for our representatives to take action.

So stand up, speak up and don’t stop until real change comes and no American is threatened by homelessness, poverty or climate change.

Willie Dickerson