Proud of Peter

I’ve been following Congressman Peter DeFazio’s good work for a long time. His record of protecting our environment speaks for itself, and it’s clear we have one of the strongest environmental champions representing us in Congress.

With his ongoing commitment, and despite a president determined to slash environmental protections, Congressman DeFazio secured a huge victory for Oregon’s environment this year. After almost ten years of work with Oregon’s leading environmental organizations, his Public Lands Bill was signed into law. Thanks to DeFazio’s work on this one bill, we’ve protected 30,000 acres of old growth forest in Oregon, 250 miles of wild and scenic rivers and 100,000 acres of critical steelhead and salmon habitat.

Those of us following the genuine work being done to protect the environment and to address climate change know Congressman DeFazio is among those leading the way. I was proud to see his early support of a committee on climate change, and that he was one of the first Democrats in the House of Representatives to co-sponsor the Green New Deal.

Addressing climate change is perhaps the most difficult issue facing our government today. We will not find solutions in speeches and sound-bytes. Real solutions will be implemented thanks to work that true environmental leaders are doing right now, like DeFazio.

Barbara Stair


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