The Fix Is In

It is beyond unjust that big corporate interests have more privilege to engage in harmful activities in our communities than we have to protect our home, our planet and ourselves. Community Rights Lane County (CRLC) believes we should be able to say no to corporate harm and democratically decide our future.

CRLC challenges the corporate dominance of governmental decision-making that results in economic and environmental damage. We encourage residents to stand up and be conscious stewards of our planet, by working to authorize legalized protections for nature.

Environmental degradation is advancing around the world. We are being required to make a fundamental shift that recognizes our obvious dependence on the natural world. Nature’s rights must be legally recognized and protected by law. The perception of nature only as property rejects nature’s inalienable right to exist, persist and flourish, and denies future generations of all species a safe, healthy environment.

The system is not broken. It is fixed. This system that neglects the natural world won’t fix itself. That’s on us.

Join CRLC ( as we work to create a just society, because there is no justice when our government and laws invigorate big corporations to put profits above people and planet.

Michelle Holman