Fall Forward

The fall season is here, bringing with it the season of giving. We’ve lost a member of our homeless community and we don’t know how to help.

I am often asked what I believe are the primary reasons behind our present homeless crisis.

I have never been asked a more important question: “How can social service agencies move through the challenges of change?”

Once we understand that innovation lies in making the most of the forces of change, we can bring about outcomes in the short term while holding strong for years from now.

Imagine if our change and innovation centered around these five key areas: creating a new human services ecosystem; finding creative financing models that invest in social outcomes; practicing predictive analytics that unlock important data; applying leading practices of outside industries, and integrating health and human services to support the whole person.

The fall season is here. Typically we set our clocks back. This year? This year, let’s fall forward!

Piper Maxx