One Person’s Story

I so appreciate the honor shown by Eugene Weekly writer Colin Houck towards Annette Montero (“A Death on the Street,” 9/12).

When I hear of lives so tragically taken away, I want to know these peoples’ stories. So often all we see is the dramatic headline, and then very little of the person’s life and who they were.

It is easy to assume we know things through brief news clips, but a story like this really helps us to know the person better.

I have noticed how news reporters can paint a picture of a person with simple facts they have gathered, and we as readers sometimes see the person who has died only as the reporter has described them — as a “homeless person,” for example, in Ms. Montero’s case, or a “criminal” in other cases where the person who died was not able to stand trial or went under represented.

Brief news stories leave us with a narrow view.

This beautiful article on Montero has shown us that a person is so much more than a mere label. I would love to see more stories reflecting the depth and beauty beyond what is unpleasant in peoples’ lives.

I applaud the heart of Colin Houck. Thank you, EW, for publishing Montero’s story.

Shelli Toftemark

Junction City