Derelict Republicans

Nationally and locally, Republicans have repeatedly demonstrated that they’re willing to use their power to advance their agenda without concern for norms or ethics. They’re not interested in democracy or fairness, they’re interested in gaining power and getting what they and their donors want.

Republicans oppress the vote, they gerrymander districts, they block Supreme Court nominees and, right here in Oregon, they abandon their posts at the state legislature.

As most readers know, Oregon’s Republican senators fled the capitol leaving the Senate without the minimum number of members to conduct the people’s business. This maneuver was effective. They killed the climate change cap and trade bill, and, earlier in the session, they also used the same maneuver to kill other important bills on gun safety and vaccinations.

They essentially used the Senate rules in a way that permitted the right-wing rural minority and corporate donors to impose their will on the majority.

The question now is this: Will Democrats continue to permit the Republican minority to have veto power, or will they change the rules so the people’s business can be done?

I suggest that you contact the governor and your representatives, and share your opinion on this vital issue.

Joshua Welch


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