Get Out of Your Tree

Hi, climate change activists. I care deeply about the environment, and I want to work with you to protect Oregon and its amazing wildlife.

What I’m against is you, the climate change activist. You’re not going to convince me of your argument by waving a sign in my face and yelling at me at your protests. When you’re living up in a tree on the University of Oregon campus, you’re not furthering your case.

Shaming me for eating a hamburger and using brainwashed children as pawns doesn’t convince me of anything. If science is so firmly entrenched on your side then convince me by citing which scientific study you are drawing your conclusions from.

Let me decide if I support your agenda by showing me the evidence, where you got it from and how your proposal will solve the problem.

Get out of your tree, stop the bullying and make your case.

Arthur Waterbridge


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