The MAGA Kool-Aid

How do evangelicals explain Trump to their children? Does a Trump “autographed Bible” leave a lasting impression on your precious faith?

Trump University was sued out of existence; unfortunately, a rotten electoral voting system rewarded a “total crook” with the White House.

Every day, lying, cheating and stealing are demonstrated by “his chosen self” for elementary school children. Today’s lesson: “A sociopathic bully can terrorize the whole school system, with or without a gun!”

Ruling class hypocrites (who only vote their pocketbook) must radiate an “abject poverty” while explaining (to sons and daughters) how Amazon fires, the Great Barrier Reef dying and melting ice caps are “just another natural event, humans have nothing to do with.”

Why not tell your progeny the truth: “I don’t deny science, I simply don’t care that this dooms my own kids.”

The damage done to American civility and our world will far outlast this one-term fraud.

For the remaining MAGA Kool-Aid drinkers, my question is: When his Russian treason, election corruption, tax fraud, money laundering and lies are proven true, is Trump still you golden boy? How shallow is your patriotism?

Glenn Jones