STAR Voting lets you choose who you really believe in for public office — with no worries about “vote-splitting” — because it lets you show who you support for second choice, third, etc.

You can vote against a candidate you feel would be detrimental, by giving that candidate a zero — amounting to an “anybody but this person” vote.

STAR Voting lets all voters, regardless of party affiliation, vote on all candidates, regardless of candidates’ parties. Voters get to evaluate every single candidate. Do this by giving your top choice a five, and your least-preferred choice a zero. Then choose scores in between for all the other candidates (candidates you leave blank get a zero).

STAR Voting is comparison voting — rank the candidates by how well you like them compared to all the other candidates on the ballot. Even if you are lukewarm about your first choice, you still give them a five to help them compete effectively against other voters’ top choices. STAR Voting is not Yelp — if you want your first choice to win, give them a five.

Vote freely, flexibly and effectively with STAR Voting.

Jane Kwiatkowski


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