Get Out of Your Cave

If, by chance, I were to meet Arthur Waterbridge (“Get Out of Your Tree,” Letters, 9/26) in a pub or a coffee house and he asked me politely to make my case, that “science is so entrenched on my side,” I would have to politely ask if he has been hibernating or in some sort of induced coma for the last 15 to 20 years.

If by now, in 2019, you haven’t had a chance to inform yourself on the crisis at issue here with what is euphemistically called “climate change,” I would simply urge you to consult the facts. The evidence is out there in such abundance that it would take volumes to bring you up to date, Arthur.

I don’t mean to be condescending, especially if you are sincere about “caring deeply about the environment.” Come on, we each have some responsibility in educating ourselves beyond ToxNews.

Somehow I doubt this sincerity of yours when you seem to imply that the youth all over the world who are now standing up for a livable planet are “brainwashed.” Like they don’t have a mind of their own? Now, that is condescending.

Don’t feel bad. Do your homework — there’s still time to catch up.

Marco Elliott