Questioning Green Energy

I went to the climate change protest last week and came away sorely disappointed. Seems like the mass of people were hoping for a “green energy” fix of solar and wind power. If a person cares to look just a little deeper into those technologies, they’ll discover that they require enormous resource extraction, mining further into huge rare-earth mines in China, worked in by veritable slaves.

Solar panels roast birds flying over and are killing the desert tortoise. Just this week KEZI had a story about wind turbines killing migratory bats. Want to know more? Check out “PIELC 2014 The False Solutions of Green Energy” on YouTube.

And 5G is not only a nightmare of cell towers on every block, but uses huge amounts of energy.

Really, what we need to be talking about is re-localizing our food, reducing our energy use and consumption, distributing decision-making into neighborhood councils, eliminating industry, creating local resiliency and doing whatever we can to preserve the lives of the animals and plants that make up the (torn) web of life we depend on, especially restoring the land.

Let’s not be used as unpaid citizen PR agents of industries that are just trying to keep themselves rich and this whole poisonous way of life going until there’s nothing left.

Kari Johnson