Grow Up, Art

I’m writing in response to Arthur Waterbridge’s Sept. 26 letter (“Get Out Of Your Tree”): He states that he “cares deeply about the environment… and wants to work with you to protect Oregon and its amazing wildlife.” He asks climate activists to stop shaming and shouting at him, and cite at least one scientific study to back their claims so he can decide whether to support them.

I did a simple Google search using “peer reviewed climate change studies” and got about 71,700,000 results. Small wonder, then, that the protesters are not citing a single scientific study. How could they in the face of such overwhelming evidence?

The “brainwashed children” he refers to are not brainwashed. They are fluent in the uses of technology and have read many of these studies for themselves.  

Reacting with anger toward protesters who are desperately and rightly defending their home and lives is not useful. If we are to take seriously Waterbridge’s claims of caring about the environment, then I recommend he inform himself.

I am 56 years old. If I can do a Google search, so can he.  So can we all.

It is our duty as U.S. citizens and inhabitants of the Earth to educate ourselves about the danger we are in and take appropriate action. Be a responsible adult and do it.   

Leigh Rieder


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