Planet in Peril

Fifty years ago the planet had 30 percent more birds. The Audubon Society calls this “a full-blown crisis.” This includes average backyard birds like sparrows and robins. Scientists claim loss of habitat due to human activity and the widespread use of pesticides.

Every time I darken the door of a big-box store that sells Roundup — the ubiquitous villain that is partly responsible for the degeneration of nature in pursuit of the perfect yard — I tell management to stop selling it. They agree with me and ask me to “call corporate.”

Loss of habitat includes decimating public forests we all appreciate — for their beauty and their ability to house nature as well as sequester carbon. There are better ways to grow timber without the use of any “cides.”

We are indeed in a crisis and it will take all of us to solve it. The young people can show the old leaders the way. Listen to them.

Merrie Kelly