Water Skiing Squirrel Comes to Eugene

Twiggy, of Anchorman fame, is the 10th in a long line of waterskiing squirrels

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, its Twiggy –– the water skiing squirrel. This weekend, the famous water-gliding squirrel will be performing during the Home Improvement show at the Lane Events Center. People are encouraged to show up for their home improvement needs and stay for Twiggy’s one-of-a-kind trick.

The act started 40 years ago in 1979 when Chuck Best Sr. taught his rescued pet squirrel how to water ski. Twiggy gained popularity and ever since, she put on shows all around the United States. When Chuck Best Sr. passed away in 1997, his wife Lou Ann took over the act. Now, their son Chuck Best Jr. runs the show and in his free time he still takes in and rehabilitates rescue squirrels.

Over the years 10 different squirrels have had the opportunity to “be” Twiggy, because, according to Best, not every squirrel has the propensity to water ski. Over the years, Twiggy has been featured in the movie Anchorman and in a Brad Paisley music video for his song Riverbank.

During her performance, Twiggy will wear a life jacket and hang onto her skis while her owner, Chuck Best, gives tips on water safety. “Learn to swim, learn to float and always wear a life jacket in the boat,” says Best, repeating the line his mother used when she ran the show. 

Twiggy will be performing at the Home Improvement Show Friday Oct. 11-13. For more information and showtimes visit eugenehomeshow.com

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