Consenting To Cops

The family and friends of those killed without valid justification by lawmen immediately and unknowingly give up their power by talking and consenting to searches before their lawyers arrive.

Their belief is that “cops are mostly good and act compassionately to solve disputes.” Talking without one’s lawyer present often spells doom upon otherwise well-meaning residents. A proposition presented quickly by cops and agreed to by those related directly or indirectly ensures that no further attempt to revive the search for justice and/or truth will be valid to the investigation.

Laws protecting life under one situation but condoning killing in another depend on who has the power. Police in America today have complete immunity thanks to their unions, DAs and some judges who perform magic tricks that would astound Harry Houdini. On many occasions there are appearing and disappearing acts, holes in solid materials and reinterpretation of laws to produce guilty verdicts.

One of the oldest codes of justice recorded is in the Old Testament. Hammurabi’s law spells that unjustified killings demanded the culprit’s death (sanctified by God at that). 

Today’s imbalance of power allows only a single recourse for the great majority of people: Pray for the cops, so that they become “better” and let themselves separate from wickedness and dishonesty of the heart.

Observations of this kind abound in the U.S., but skip Eugene. This probably has to do with this city’s intoxicating beauty and a population for whom peace is the unspoken religion. 

David Ivan Piccioni


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