Keep It Semple

EACH’s call for Eugene City Councilor Emily Semple’s resignation is an unhelpful request (EW, 9/25). Semple is a longtime Eugene resident. As our city councilor, she has the qualifications to be effective in her position as well as implement her intentions to the homeless community.

Semple misused the word “terrorism” in the Sept. 17 Human Right’s Commission meeting when she talked about Eric Jackson’s protest camp. Her apology for the use of the word in meeting was enough. No good would be served were Semple to heed your request, and Eugene would be deprived of an able representative and activist.

I watched the video of the meeting. It was obvious to me that she was speaking from a place of care and empathy for our community and to all of our city’s residents. Wouldn’t it be a far more effective request to simply write a letter from your perspective instead of trying to get rid of someone who has the tools to help our city’s situations?

It sounds like Semple is, and has been, listening.

Michelle Summers