Vote Out Bozo-Vich

Anika Nykanen nailed it last week in EW, exposing Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich for being a climate crisis denier and his ties to the logging industry (“County Commission Climate Denier,” 10/10). We cannot let any public servants stay in leadership positions if they do not acknowledge the human-caused climate crisis currently underway and put this issue front and center on their agendas.

Our forests are important for many ecosystem services, not the least of which is carbon sequestration and carbon storing. Here in western Oregon we have one of the best forests in the world for carbon sequestration.

The current business-as-usual thinking must go, and we must all do everything in our power to mitigate and prepare for this long emergency. A part of that is voting for those who agree with the fierce urgency of now, legislation such as the New Green Deal, Community Rights, campaign finance reform, Rights of Nature and, locally, the Lane County Climate Action Plan.

Nykanen, let’s move you to west Eugene (if you don’t already live there) and have you run for Bozievich’s seat. Nykanen for West Lane County Commissioner!

Pam Driscoll