Dangers of 5G

The effects of 5G on humans and all life on the earth will be dangerous. Brussels, Belgium has already stopped the 5G. More than several dozen cities in California are working to stop it or have passed revised ordinances, as have towns in Vermont.

On the other hand, Eugene failed to revise its ordinances when advised about this last winter.

5G uses pulsed millimeter microwave radiation. These waves are even more dangerous than the 3G and 4G already present in Eugene. Millimeter microwave radiation has been used by the military. If the 5G infrastructure continues and is turned, the microwave radiation will be 10- to 100-times more hazardous.   

More than 10,000 scientific studies have discovered that non-ionizing microwave radiation affects biological process.  

5G requires a dense infrastructure of “small” cell towers. In Eugene, already towers are placed ready to be activated, some 20 to 40 feet from bedrooms. Towers are erected near four south Eugene schools. 

Send emails to the Eugene City Council and the city manager asking them to stop 5G. Also email EWEB and Lane County.

Read about 5G and wireless smart technology dangers at Environmental Health Trust at ehtrust.org.

Barbara Wade


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