Darth Vapor

Where can I buy a kilo of nicotine? Do I have to go directly to the tobacco industry? Or is that available in its pure form locally?

Remember the bad old days? Four ashtrays built into every car (even kids had a place for butts) in the back seat. Cigarettes were advertised on all three TV networks, and a pack of nails only cost 35 cents!

These days you can “vape” instead, with flavors like “lung bubble” or “take me to the ER berry.”

 Is that guy’s car on fire? Heck no, he took a “monster embolism hit” at the stop light with his window down.

Big Tobacco was always behind vape technology, they just needed a newly minted face with that “vampire Juul” touch. Vaping just sort of “showed up,” didn’t it?

What FDA approval process rolled out the red carpet for this health disaster? Selling a new pet food demands greater scrutiny. We always knew cigarettes would not be the final nail in your coughing.

Big Tobacco sells death by the pound, and they depend on us to fail them profitably.

Glenn Jones


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