Understanding The Ballot Measure

On Nov. 5, Eugene voters will be asked to vote on Ballot Measure 20-302. If approved, the measure would amend the Eugene City Charter to cap the rate of a payroll tax adopted by the Eugene City Council in June 2019 for community safety — and limit the use of revenues from that tax.

Voting “yes” or “no” on the measure doesn’t approve or reject the payroll tax. The question for Eugene voters is whether to amend the Eugene City Charter. If a majority of voters say “yes,” the Charter will provide limitations. The rate and use could not be changed without the okay of voters. If a majority of voters say “no,” the payroll tax can remain in the Eugene City Code, subject to review and action by elected officials.

The difference between the charter and the code? The Eugene City Charter is equivalent to a city constitution. It defines the terms of Eugene’s existence and is a starting point for other regulations. Adding and deleting provisions requires a vote of the people. The Eugene City Code compiles ordinances adopted by the City Council.

Watch for your ballot, study the issues, and remember to vote by Nov. 5.

Gary Harmon, Keli Osborn,
Jeanne Taylor
Executive Committee, League of
Women Voters of Lane County

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