Also, The Earth Is Flat

The political left bet the family farm on a racehorse called “climate change,” but that wager was a disaster for us all. America needs efficient energy to survive. Windmills, solar panels and biofuels are horribly inefficient, polluting and economy-collapsing.

The father and son scientists Dr. Michael Connolly and Dr. Ronan Connolly conducted a historic review of millions of weather balloon data recordings going back to the 1950s, and they came to the following conclusions: “We carried out new laboratory experiments, and analyzed the data from millions of weather balloons to calculate exactly how much global warming carbon dioxide was causing. When we did this, we discovered that the answer was zero.”

They went on to say that, “It turns out that some of the assumptions used in man-made global warming theory had never actually been tested. When we tested them, we discovered that they were invalid.”

The Connolly findings represent a confirmation of the space probe data based discovery by Dr. Ned Nikolov and Dr. Karl Zeller that there is no greenhouse gas effect on Earth or on any rocky surfaced planet or moon in our solar system. The simple reason is that a free flowing gas cannot trap heat and act as insulation.

Former NOAA atmospheric scientist Dr. Rex J. Fleming agrees that “there is no propensity for CO2 to store heat in a systematic way over time to produce a climate change effect.”

Christopher Calder