Goat Discovery Day

Have you ever wanted a goat? Perhaps more than one? They are charming with distinctive personalities, animals that are relatively easy to maintain and who make great companions for people. They also support the environment by preventing the spread of noxious weeds and promoting vegetative species through moderate grazing. If you are a “goat person,” or hope to be, you can learn all about them on Goat Discovery Day, sponsored by the OSU Extension Service Small Farms Program. It’s a full day of workshops, demos with live goats, vendors and networking. Classes include “Common Goat Diseases and How to Manage Them,” “Milking and Milk Handling Procedures,” “Pros & Cons of Milk Machines” as well as “Goat Conformation.” Instructors come from the OSU Extension Service or from goat farms.

Goat Discovery Day is 9 am to 4 pm, Saturday at Pleasant Hill High School, 36386 Highway 58. More information is at extension.oregonstate.edu. $30, optional catered lunch $11.