Lizz Winstead

Abortion AF: The Tour

Sometimes the fight for self-determination is an everlasting and exhausting slugfest. Take a woman’s right to choose and the avalanche of nibbling laws and court cases that seek to revoke the gains that have been made. What’s needed is humor to join the struggle, and it’s needed more than ever. Along comes Abortion AF: The Tour. As its website proudly notes, “When abortion providers need help, #WeShowUp.” Abortion Access Front was formerly the Lady Parts Justice League, created in 2016, and it used to be a summer touring group. No more. The world is on fire, and as the Abortion AF site declares, “You don’t just tour in the summer, you tour all fucking year.” It is on the third leg of its nationwide tour and makes a stop in Eugene on Friday with comedian Lizz Winstead. Come for some love and some laughs. 

Abortion AF: The Tour, headlined by Lizz Winstead (comedian and Daily Show co-creator) and featuring comedian Brandon Lyons, is 8 pm Friday, Nov 8, at WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th Avenue. $20.

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