Broken Coverage

The announcement that PeaceHealth is no longer going to be in network for any of the Medicare advantage plans offered by Health Net came as a bit of a shock to me.

Looking at the Medicare booklet for 2020, it seems like Health Net was the only plan that works in both Lane and Douglas counties, where I will be living off and on over the next few months. I called Health Net to find out my options and they offered to sign me up for their “violet plan” that doesn’t charge extra to cover out-of-network doctors and hospitals.

But then I called PeaceHealth, and they said I won’t be able to use Health Net to pay for their services even with out-of-network billing. So now it looks like my main option is to sign up for a plan that works in Lane County and use urgent care in Douglas County for up to six months if needed.

You can get the complete list of plans by answering a few questions at Although the emails being circulated suggest logging in to view the list, logging in is not actually required.

The deadline to switch is Dec. 7.

John Thielking