DeFazio Defender

I am puzzled by critics of Congressman Peter DeFazio. They say he didn’t sign onto the Green New Deal soon enough. He was an original co-signer.

Critics say he hasn’t taken a position on the LNG pipeline to Coos Bay. Project permission was granted by the state of Oregon, but DeFazio worked to reduce negative impacts and clearly stated his disapproval of the use of eminent domain, saying, “I do not think a private, for-profit company should be able to condemn private property in order to build a pipeline through someone’s backyard.”

He also wrote to Attorney General William Barr demanding legal justification of surveillance of his constituents opposing the LNG pipeline.

Congressional candidates who state they can stop the LNG project, if elected, simply don’t understand the job they’re vying for or, worse, aren’t being honest. Anti-pipeline activists would make more headway by directing energy at those who could stop this project: the governor and the state of Oregon.

I commend movements that bring people together to push elected officials to do the right thing, but when untruthful facts are used to achieve their objective, their movement is fatally flawed. I urge people to gather more information before making conclusions.

Carleen Reilly