Next Comes Pence

After a billion dollars of taxpayer money spent impeaching Trump, America will wake up with a new hangover, that “self-proclaimed evangelical nut case” Mike Pence.

Stormtrooper Pence is a modern televangelist version of the Spanish Inquisition — in bumper sticker simplicity, “the religious right is neither.” Not elected, not popular, no better.

Science class with Mike involves counting angels on the head of a pin and having our public education pay for it all, hoping the working poor can’t do that math.

Soon there will be a “great day” to pardon Trump and his entire crooked family, too corrupt to fail — like a bedbug Wall Street hospitality business.

Pence will finally be in position to lead the charge to end times for Jesus.

By next year, Trump will have his own Fox News show called Civil War LIVE! You don’t have to tune in, just look out your window at the GOP.

Ivanka secured Chinese patents for new paperless voting machines. Wasn’t it Joseph Stalin who said “matters little who votes, matters only who counts the votes.”

Nobody epitomizes “knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing” like Mafia Don Trump.

Glenn Jones