Democracy In Action

I’m thinking of running for office in Eugene. Not sure which one.

I figure I’ll register to run for City Council, Ward 2, then move to whatever district I most likely will win and simply change my registration. And if I think I can win the mayoralty, I’ll change the paperwork and do that.

First thing I’ll do once I win is demand a citywide vote to determine exactly where our brand-new forced payroll tax will go. Cut it up fairly, with real public input, or get rid of it all together.

Then I’ll make sure that of our $600-plus million dollar budget, an equal amount will be spent in housing the unhoused and retraining the so-called unemployable as is being spent on the 2021 Track Championships; and at least as much money will be spent on affordable housing as is being spent to buff up the EWEB property giveaway.

And speaking of EWEB, guess where our new City Hall will be.

Yes, I’m thinking of running for office. Be good if you thought of running for office too.

Scott Landfield, Eugene