DeFazio On The Take

Why defend Rep. Peter DeFazio (Letters, 11/7) when we can look at the record?

The Jordan Cove Energy export project, which would become the largest polluter in Oregon with its 230-mile fracked gas pipeline, is one of a number of fossil fuel corporations DeFazio takes money from. DeFazio will not take the “Fossil Free Pledge,” apparently so he can continue to receive that money.

On Nov. 16 of 2018 DeFazio said that “the idea that in five years or 10 years we’re not going to consume any more fossil fuels is technologically impossible” doesn’t make him the strongest Green New Deal advocate.

Business as usual is no longer an option. The politicians who brought us to the brink of climate disaster are not the bold change-makers we need. We need new vision and younger minds who have more years and more “skin in the game” for solving climate breakdown.

Time to take a stand and put more women in charge. Check out Doyle Canning for Congress. We need brilliant, compassionate, fearless politicians in Congress who can lead. Doyle is all that and more!

Deb McGee