Dirty Money DeFazio

As a long time Peter DeFazio supporter, I’m upset by his failure to join Sen. Jeff Merkley in publicly opposing the disastrous Jordan Cove project — a fracked-gas pipeline and LNG (liquefied natural gas) export terminal in his own district.

DeFazio claims to support the Green New Deal, so why doesn’t he speak out against this harmful fossil fuel project? I have to believe he understands the threat not only to his constituents’ health and safety but also the larger consequences if this dangerous pipeline and gas liquefaction terminal are allowed to be built.

The simple answer has to be money. One of the top beneficiaries of the Jordan Cove Project would be Imperial Oil, owned by Exxon Mobil. DeFazio presents himself as an advocate for clean energy, but he is accepting dirty money. Since 2010, DeFazio has received more than $70,000 from oil and gas companies and PACs including the Jordan Cove PAC. 

I now support Doyle Canning — a candidate who has taken a stand from day one against the Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector Pipeline Projects and takes no money from corporate PACs. Her exciting grassroots campaign is challenging DeFazio in the 2020 primary.

Canning’s vision includes creating stable new jobs on the south coast in renewable energy. She will support the Green New Deal with actions not just empty words. My children and grandchildren’s futures depend on new, powerfully progressive leaders like Canning.

Leonard Higgins


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