Thanksgiving is finished. Leftovers are either in the freezer or being devoured over the next several days. What about the buns, though? Bunfight! OK, buns will not be flying across the stage of Oregon Contemporary Theatre, but local playwrights Paul Calandrino and Rachael Carnes will display their writing talents for theater patrons this month. Along with an ensemble of nine actors, the playwrights will show eight never-before-seen plays directed by Elizabeth Helman and Inga R. Wilson.

Carnes’ four productions are “Ripple,” “Contrapposto,” “Join the Movement” and “Cornucopia.” The four plays from Calandrino are “Left Turn,” “Cascadia,” “Senator Lovechild and the Mudmen of Western Tennessee” and “Pursuit of Happiness.”

Bunfight! begins Thursday, Dec. 5, at 7:30 pm at Oregon Contemporary Theatre, 194 W. Broadway Ave., with a pay-what-you-will preview. It continues 7:30 pm Friday, Dec. 6, through Saturday, Dec. 14, and ends with a 2 pm Sunday matinee Dec. 15. Tickets for the regular performances start at $20. — Dan Buckwalter