Niche Newspapers

On Nov. 7 you published a short letter of mine that merely pointed out that no individual has a right to be published by any concern that has editorial discretion. A week later, you published a response by a Charles Dunaway, who claimed my “screed” failed to address some nebulous obligation that local newspapers have to be responsive to thoughtful community members.

I am not an apologist for Israel, or The Register-Guard for that matter. The Middle East mess has been thousands of years in the making, and being “thoughtful” about it is fine for scholars, but I haven’t seen much objectivity on behalf of any of the actors involved.

That happens when you mix massive oil reserves with nuclear arsenals, ancient religious feuds and the most divisive world political climate in decades.

For the last time: Print newspapers are becoming either a niche market or the tools of various political interests. If someone thinks they have something important to say, it had better be trending on social media, or you may just be whistling in the dark.

Robert A Knapp