Vaya Con Dios, Doc

Strangely, I cannot thank you enough for the story you ran in last week’s Eugene Weekly about Doc crossing over (“Remembering Doc,” 11/21). I would not have known why he didn’t appear with Chica in front of the McDonald Theatre at future shows if not for your article.

I got to know him (and her) over the years, but you gave me more information about him than he and I ever got around to; I wish I’d known more sooner. The two became regulars outside the theater, always helpful and respectful of boundaries we requested.

Doc was also quite willing to help newbies understand what worked and what didn’t. He had his difficulties (as do we all), but he had tenacity and allies within the system and, despite my UO journalism degree, I do not have the words to tell you how happy he was when he finally won his battle for permanent housing.

Regardless, learning that his heart gave out in his own home brought me peace, as did learning that Chica has a home and a friend. Vaya con Dios, amigo. Live long and prosper, Dog of Many Disguises (geetar cowboy among many others, including flashing blue and red lights on her vest as she rode a skateboard).

For those of you who are old school Eugene, I fully believe that he and Stupid are together somewhere comparing experiences. Sure wish the new Register-Guard knew our city well enough to honor Robert Wilson as you did.

Palmer Parker


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