OSU Forestry

This letter is in response to Oregon State University’s forestry practices: Citizens, eco-stewards unite, it’s time to bring the OSU Forestry department into alignment with the needs of the present day.

We need the OSU Forestry department to be the leaders of forest management. Oregon conifer forests sequester the highest levels of carbon of any forests of the world. May OSU be leaders in managing forests for carbon sequestration to ameliorate the overheating of the planet.

Nurture and mange the forest to be at optimum health so they can breathe in Co2 and respire pure clean oxygen for us to breathe. Oregon citizens, it’s time for our state university to lead the world in methods and means to sequester carbon.

Oregon citizens, it time for our forest to be given person-hood, to have legal rights as a person and a voice in courts and councils. Please, Oregon citizens, world citizens, unite, speak up. We all need ancient, old and mature forests to be left unharmed. We all count on Oregon Forests and all the earth forests for our very survival.

Get involved. Join Friends of OSU Old Growth (friendsofosuoldgrowth.org). Follow the actions spelled out in their articles. Support and check out the websites of Cascadia Wildlands and Oregon Wild, local forest advocate groups. Put this information out on your social media in all the forms you know.

We can heal this planet together.

Reenie Weiss 


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