All Solutions are Needed

Ideally, it would be great for everyone to walk, bike and take mass transit everywhere. Reality is, society is car-focused, and many still need a car.

All solutions are needed for a better, more sustainable future.

Addressing global population growth, climate change and biodiversity loss is needed if a sustainable and habitable Earth, one of beauty for people and wildlife, is to happen.

Electric cars, reducing their eventual numbers, as through car sharing, reusing good batteries for electrical storage, and recycling their elements offer some more.

Corporate action and inaction to address abuses in the mining of cobalt for batteries used in everything from smart phones to laptops, and also electric cars, is a reality. The true cost of oil includes pollution, corruption, war and terror, debt and poverty, energy insecurity, human rights violations and blocking alternatives like renewables, in addition to global warming. Seems like nothing is perfect.

I wish life were simpler, that all my choices could be easy to make and live with and be totally ethical.  But life and the world are too complex. Frankly I’m still torn, but I bought the first new car of my
life at age 65 this year. It’s 100 percent electric.

It won’t save the world, but, like all of us, I’m doing the best I can, from installing solar on my roof to making my front lawn a biodiversity garden, to listen and respond to my heart, to you, to everyone, my wildlife friends, and our incredible and beautiful Earth.

Al LePage 


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