Audubon Annual Christmas Bird Count

After the pandemonium of the holidays, it’s probably best to take a break. And there really isn’t a better way to de-stress then to spend time in nature, watching birds. The Audubon Annual Christmas Bird Count in Cottage Grove is an easy way to learn about local avian friends while participating in the largest citizen science project.

Volunteers will go all over the natural areas of Cottage Grove to count the birds, and the numbers will aid scientists in tracking the health of bird populations. 

All are welcome to come participate whether they are an experienced or novice birder. No one is required to go the whole day, so people can choose how long they want to count. This is local birder Grace Fowler’s third year organizing the event for Cottage Grove. Fowler says participants will have the opportunity to see all types of birds including waterfowl, bald eagles, sparrows, wrens hawks and, likely, even more. What people see depends on whether they go, and there is even a path that is wheelchair accessible.

The national Audubon Society is a nonprofit focused on environmental conservation created in part by legendary environmentalist John Muir. This is the 120th year of the Christmas bird count. 

The bird count starts at Koffee Kup in Cottage Grove at 7 am, Dec. 28. For more information or to put in your preferred area to count birds, contact Grace Fowler FREE.

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