Change Is Required

I knew Phil Barnhart’s editorial on electric vehicles would incite some rebukes from some readers. I assumed most would be die hard gasoholics, but not from those who try to shame us all onto bicycles, buses or the sidewalk. Personal transportation is far more complex than that. 

Everyone has an impact on the environment. It has taken us centuries to get us in our present conundrum, and, yes, time is running out on making the changes critical for human society. Unfortunately, people generally only adapt to the degree change is required. 

Electric cars are finally one step motorists can now take. Still a car, still a complex manufacturing process of materials, but with much higher energy efficiency and without the copious carbon monoxides pumped into our communities at street level. 

Electric bicycles and buses are a big step, too, and part of a comprehensive reduction in greenhouse gases. But most people are not interested in a bicycle for many real and perceived reasons, while buses can admittedly only address a percentage of social transportation needs as well. Cleaner transportation options are finally at least a real option due to improving technology and growing public awareness.

But let’s admit that all of us fail the hypocrisy test of environmental purity to some degree. Instead of criticism, let’s support any effort to take a step back from the abyss in whatever form and function that may take.

Mark Murphy