Fewer Complaints. More Bernie

Let’s share a 2020 resolution: complain less.

There will be more space for positive thoughts and actions. Remember, we elect those “others” that represent us, and in a sense, they are extensions of our collective selves. Trump spoke a truth. He got elected largely by declaring that Washington (money plus arrogance) is fucked up. 

Of course he is ignorant. Of course he has a pathological sense of self. Action, not whining, makes a difference. We’re all less than perfect in all different ways, while greed comes in all shapes and sizes.  

Voluntary socialism (paying your fair share) is logical as well as moral. Taxes are necessary and wealth must be distributed more equitably.

We are wired for survival, not so much for compassion, which is a trait that evolves through social interaction and the evolution of consciousness. There is light and dark, yin and yang, sense and nonsense, Bernie and Donald. The universe seems to have a rhythm, as well as a brutal sense of humor.  

Make sense, support Bernie Sanders for president!

John Wilson


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