Large Oxymoron

The Lane County GOP chairman, John Large (12/18), says he wants to bring integrity back into the Republican Party and then ends his comments in the article with his single goal of getting Donald Trump re-elected.

That’s the definition of an oxymoron.

Look soberly and with realism at Trump’s personal life, his shady business deals, his cohorts, his public displays of denigration of women, people of color or those with disabilities, and his constant, blatant lies.  What we’ve seen him display in full living color on our TVs 24/7 for the last three years is an embarrassing reality show, not integrity.

I want the Republican Party to be respectable. Believe me, America needs the give and take of two sides of every idea. But, if Mr. Large will take note, Mr. Trump is a pariah. Everything he touches ends up tainted. Case in point: He’s been impeached just three years into his first term.

If the Republicans want integrity back, they will cut Trump loose…or maybe they really are in lockstep with caging asylum seekers, praising Nazis and creating chaos with constant debunked conspiracy theories. You know who else ‘governs’ like this? Putin, Erdogan, Maduro. Hmmmm.

So, put that piggy faced T-shirt on and see if Trump lets any of you into Mar-a-Lago to join him for dinner.

Annie Kayner