A Sad End To The Evening

I, along with so many other Eugene-Springfield citizens, attended the Impeachment Eve Rally at the Federal Courthouse. It felt good to be paying tribute to a very professional impeachment process in the House of Representatives, which we expected would (and did) produce two well-deserved Articles of Impeachment.

But at the end of the rally, I, my friends and many others in the crowd were astounded and angered to hear the Indivisible Eugene spokesperson use that completely inappropriate setting to announce an endorsement for one of the three opposing Democratic candidates for the U.S. 4th District.  The evening was about unity behind a just cause to impeach a corrupt president. No endorsement of one Democrat over another belonged in that setting.

Since that evening, I have learned that the “endorsement” was the action of only three individuals within the Indivisible Eugene organization. No local Indivisible members were even given an opportunity to discuss the decision. So the action of three people has sullied the reputation of fairness and transparency for the Indivisible organization and caused a fracture in the unity of those working so hard to bring much needed change to our federal government. It never should have happened that evening. The leadership of Indivisible Eugene needs to be changed.

Nancy Curran