Is It Treason?

It’s amazing to witness Democratic federal law makers nearly bending over backwards to praise and vote for Trump’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) hours after impeaching Trump for high crimes against the Constitution of the United States.  

Also amazing, not one Democratic congressional member had the courage to describe the actions of Donald Trump as treasonous. They also neglected to name Trump’s accomplices, as 195 Republican House members who voted against impeachment by ignoring the facts, is treasonous. 

Is it not an act of treason to knowingly and blatantly violate the Constitution as well as support a sitting president who incessantly violates it?

What Americans and the world are witnessing is our nation slipping into an authoritarian state. Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and many millions of human beings have died fighting against authoritarianism during and after World War II.

Americans seem to have this illusion that an authoritarian state such as China, Russia, Brazil or Turkey is not possible here in the U.S. Americans are simply living in a fairy tale if they believe these treasonous acts by Trump and his accomplices are not an all-out attack on our nation to accomplish an authoritarian presidency. 

If Senate Republicans condone these treasonous acts committed by Trump by exonerating him, they are also guilty of the same. Subsequently they become “domestic enemies” attacking from within and shall be dealt with according to the oath of office all federal servants must swear.

Shannon Wilson