Loving Reagan

The article about Les AuCoin was like a script from the Twilight Zone. Jimmy Carter recently said if he had one more helicopter he would have been re-elected, referring to the failed attempt to rescue the hostages. I doubt it.

What AuCoin failed to recall is the energy and enthusiasm Ronald Reagan brought to the people. The sackcloth and ashes, thermostats at 68, awful inflation, the Panama Canal debacle and the continuous mea culpas of the Carter years got real old. Reagan drew back the curtains, threw open the windows and let the sunlight and fresh air in. He made Americans feel good again. Sound familiar?

Income inequality? Did Warren Buffett’s millions stop Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak from building a computer? How does Taylor Swift’s $360 million, including $84 million in real estate, stop anyone from prospering? Or Oprah Winfrey’s $2.6 billion, seven palatial homes and 50 acres in Malibu? When in the history of humanity have assets been completely equal?

Reagan’s policies caused today’s homelessness? He’s kidding, right? The chronic homeless population is composed of alcoholics, drug addicts, mentally ill and non-productive people who don’t want to be controlled by a boss.

You can thank liberal Democrats and the ACLU for ending life-saving involuntary commitment for the mentally ill. A mentally ill person living on the street is a danger to themselves, and the idea that they have a “right” to live that way is insane. They could freeze to death or get run over by a garbage truck.

Greg Williams