Reagan Was No Jesus

Reagan loving Greg Williams (Letters, 1/2/20) is only remembering the B-grade slick actor turned politician and his very small percentage of accomplishments. The detrimental legacy he actually left was huge and typical for the conservative view of the world; i.e., no healthcare, voting rights, education, unions or sharing in the wealth. (That’s the conservative norm in every country.)

Income inequality? There’s nothing wrong with being rich, but, inordinately, the rich game the tax system, buy politicians to get selfish laws and subsidies, buy their children special education and job opportunities and “create” slave wage jobs (aka practicing top-tier socialism).

Homelessness? Thank Reagan for defunding the mental healthcare system and running up the U.S. deficit so obnoxiously high that there was only a pittance left for social programs. And as much as conservatives hate social programs for the 99 percent, they’re prudent and necessary.

Even Jesus touted social programs.

Rod Serling was a great writer. He gave us allegorical stories that challenged our minds. The Twilight Zone is worthy of remembrance.

Reagan was just a typical conservative “on loan from God,” as they like to fantasize, and not worthy of more than a footnote in history.

Annie Kayner


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